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ACROSS 1 Which two parts of the forearm are each called the carpus (6) 8 What is a tall, upright cupboard, used for holding clothes (8) 9 Name an alternative term for a course of travel to a distant place (6) 10 What are documents containing information about a particular person (8) 11 To which plant family do peas belong (6) 12 Which number does the Roman numeral IX symbolise (4) 13 Name the units of information, usually eight bits, stored by a computer (5) 16 What, colloquially and affectionately, do we sometimes call Americans (5) 19 Name one of the various freshwater ducks (4) 21 Before 1999, what was the monetary unit of Portugal (6) 22 What do we call one employed to do all kinds of work for another (8) 23 What is the more common term for an edible marine bivalve mollusc (6) 24 Name another word for a vassal or subject (8) 25 Which term describes a person who gains morbid enjoyment in inflicting pain (6) DOWN 2 What do we call a breeding place of penguins, seals, etc (7) 3 Name an enactment made by a legislature, and expressed in a formal document (7) 4 Stockholm is the capital of which European kingdom (6) 5 Name a Greek poem, ascribed to Homer (7) 6 What describes that which is characteristic of another country, etc (7) 7 Name the temperature scale used by Australia (7) 13 Name a lofty granite mountain near Bright, Victoria (7) 14 What is another term for the windpipe (7) 15 What do we call those who secretly act on behalf of others (7) 17 Name the defendant in a criminal law case (7) 18 Which bean-shaped organs could be called the body’s “filter plant” (7) 20 What, colloquially, do we call machines, etc, which continually fail to operate adequately (6)