The 6 celebs who racked up the most CO² emissions




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LAST week, Kylie Jenner landed herself in hot water after posting pictures of herself on Instagram, posing in front of two private jets, with the caption “you wanna take mine or yours?” Jenner’s blatant disregard for the massive amounts of carbon emissions released by the private jets did not go down well with climate and environmental activists across the world. Yes, we would all like to hop on a plane and visit some exotic island or historic city, and we can’t blame celebrities for wanting to do the same, but we have to look at the negative impacts of using private jets, especially for short journeys. While we’re stuck in economy class, with no leg room and a baby who won’t stop screaming for the entirety of the flight, celebrities are living the lavish life and flying away in their private jets. It might seem like they’re living an enviable lifestyle, having the option to jet off whenever their heart desires, but the choice to fly privately comes with a huge environmental impact. Research from a sustainabilitydriven digital marketing agency, Yard, found that so far this year, through their private jet usage, the average celebrity has created 3256.36 tons of CO2 emissions. To put that into perspective, that is more than 465 times what the average American creates – seven tons of CO2 emissions a year flying commercially. Let’s have a look at the biggest climate change celebrity offenders. 6. Steven Spielberg Renowned movie director Steven Spielberg has emitted 4 465 tons of CO2 over 61 flights. Steven has the longest average flight time on this list, at an hour and 47 minutes. Total time spent flying on his private jet this year is 12 341 minutes or nearly nine days in the air. 5. Blake Shelton American country music singer, Blake Shelton, spent 12 424 minutes in the air, emitting 4 495 tons of carbon emissions over 111 flights – just under four private jet flights a week. 4. A-Rod An American household name and ex-partner of Jennifer Lopez, basketball player A-Rod has taken 106 private jet flights this year. With an average of 80 minutes per flight, A-Rod has created 5342 tons of carbon emissions since January. 3. Jay-Z Beyonce’s other half takes the third spot on this list. Jay-Z has taken 136 flights this year and spent nearly two weeks in the air. He has emitted 6 981.3 tons of CO2 on his private jet, which is 997.3 times more than the average person’s yearly emissions. 2. Floyd Mayweather Boxer Floyd Mayweather takes the silver medal, emitting 7076.8 tons of CO2 from his private jet this year alone. He has amassed more flights than any other celebrity on this list, taking 177 so far this year, or 25 flights a month. Floyd also has the shortest flight time on the list – a pitiful 10 minutes. 1. Taylor Swift At number one is the wholesome queen Taylor Swift. Shockingly, Taylor has created more carbon emissions than any other celebrity, at 8 293 tons. Racking up a total of 170 flights on her private jet since January, Taylor has amassed a vast 22 923 minutes in the air, or 15.9 days.