Zakes Bantwini opens lifestyle spot in Cape Town




African News Agency


AS SOUTH African celebrities are gradually entering the lifestyle industry, well-known musician and record producer Zakhele Madida, also known as Zakes Bantwini, has carved out a place for his legacy to live on in Cape Town. Located in the luxurious Rockefeller Hotel, his new restaurant, Studio, was officially opened this week, presenting a multifunctional space where guests can step into a world of avant-garde elegance and immerse themselves in a space rich in art and design. Bantwini said that venturing into the lifestyle industry was second nature to him, as he wanted to leave a legacy that would live on. “Legacy is important, I’ve always wanted to push myself to do more than what is naturally comfortable for me and to leave behind a blueprint for those to come. There is power in collaboration, especially with individuals such as Ryan Joffe and Tristan du Plessis, who are among the best in the country in their sectors. “Moving into the lifestyle industry was a natural progression for me because that is where I thrive. For years, my music has brought people together, and this was the natural next step.” The KwaMashu-born artist added that whatever one’s origin, one should never restrict oneself in achieving one’s dreams. “As advice to upcoming businessmen and women from the township, I would say don’t let your background limit your dreams. People are waiting to collaborate with you. People are waiting to work with you and meet you halfway. For example, Tristan and I are from different backgrounds, and we met each other on our journey and everything aligned the way I needed. One just needs to remember to thrive, push and make their dreams a reality,” said Bantwini. Award-winning interior architect Du Plessis said he wanted to incorporate soul and character in the design of the venue. “Studio is an extension of Zakes’s success and I wanted it to feel like this personal studio when he is inviting his friends to the establishment,” said Du Plessis. “I incorporated a lot of soul and character into the design, and one can see it in the graffiti across the ceiling. “I wanted it to feel like a personal experience, and not just a generic lounge or bar. Something intimate that lets you into Zake’s space, to listen to his sound.” Bantwini said he wanted the space to bring together people from different backgrounds and cater to those who were looking for a comfortable stay, with the hotel just a few floors below. “I would love Studio to be the go-to space for growing brands to showcase their work and business to those who value it, all while enjoying the benefits of the exclusivity the space has to offer. “This is a space where you can meet people for business opportunities. You can have conversations with people from different backgrounds. It’s also a convenient space as it’s a hotel, so you know after your Studio experience, you don’t have to drive. “We really wanted a space where guests could come to hang out with like-minded people who enjoy the finer things in life,” he said.