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ACROSS: 4 One is sure to lie about in one’s free time (7) 8 It’s not for a pen to produce something so irreligious (7) 9 Is in a lot of chases when in the car (7) 10 In a manner of speaking one has to face it etc. (7) 11 Everyone receives most cover when wearing it (7) 12 Such bustle but insidious in operation (6) 14 One has the right to react to such a big mouth (6) 18 An old king is let out to form a connection and a tough one at that (7) 21 I’d form poses and you’d place them in their proper order (7) 22 Made suitable for dad when put on tape (7) 23 If you need to give a teen no score be merciful about it (7) 24 Finally Rose is about to sanction it (7) DOWN: 1 I’d issue a press release about some being dangerous (7) 2 Here’s one to get your teeth into (5) 3 Be on side with the French. When? Later on! (7) 4 You need to find a good reader among your electors (6) 5 I shed a tear when I’m angry (5) 6 A newly important egoist that isn’t down from the very beginning (7) 7 Left to gain comfort and support (5) 13 The ship’s lockup and where to put such a criminal (7) 15 Some treason seems to show grounds for belief in it (7) 16 An alien enters the store in search of something rosy (7) 17 You’d peddle but made a new start when I had to interfere (6) 18 Said before eating by an active princess (5) 19 Teaches how to catch trout (5) 20 There are a number of witches in the north of Coventry (5)