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ACROSS 1 Name the metallic element with the symbol Cu (6) 7 Which yachting cup was originally called the One Hundred Guinea Trophy (8) 8 Name the great-grandson of Noah (6) 9 The World Wide Web is available over which computer system (8) 10 What is an alternative term for dialects (6) 11 Name a person who follows the doctrine that pleasure is the highest good (8) 14 Which ball game is played by two teams of ten players using longhandled racquets (8) 18 To run naked over a cricket ground or the like, is to do what (6) 19 Name those kept in a state of readiness, as for an emergency (5-3) 21 What is a bowman also known as (6) 22 Name the system of pipes, etc, used for conveying water, waste, and the like (8) 23 What describes the items on a sports programme (6) DOWN 1 Which human being eats human flesh (8) 2 To which bird species does the budgerigar belong (6) 3 Name the crisp, pungent, edible roots of the plant “raphanus” (8) 4 Which fasting season precedes Easter (4) 5 What is a millionth part of a metre (6) 6 Name an alternative term for manservants (6) 12 Name the art and training of a horse in obedience, deportment, etc (8) 13 What are large drinking cups (8) 15 Name the Australian composer (1904-86), best known for the ballet “Corroboree”, Sir John ... (6) 16 To give another designation is to do what (6) 17 What is an establishment set aside for the minding of babies or young children (6) 20 Name the compartment of a ship where prisoners are confined (4)