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Opening Lead: ♠A, ♠K, and a third spade. All follow. What is your plan? Recommended Line: You have lost two tricks, and you could lose two more in diamonds. Ordinarily, you could finesse diamonds twice, expecting East to hold at least one honour. However, West’s double is a firm suggestion that he holds both ♦K and ♦Q. You need to get him to lead a diamond to you. And this is the way: draw just two trumps, ruff the third round of clubs, then lead a diamond to the ♦8. West wins, and must resolve your problem by leading a diamond, or helping you by giving you a ruff and discard. If he held a third heart, he could lead that. However, his double suggests length in the black suits, so a doubleton heart is very likely. If all else fails, a further diamond finesse can be tried. But your thoughtful line of play deserves to succeed, don’t you think?