Lessons about wild dogs and high-spirited children

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THE WILDEST Dog and other African Tales, written by Avril van der Merwe, tells the story of a group of animals who think Wild Dog is too wild. His hyperactive behaviour gets him into trouble. Van der Merwe said: “The wild dog pack saves the day, and his own mother defends his wild ways, pointing out that curiosity, boldness and high spirits are essential traits for an alpha dog like Wild Dog’s father and herself. “These entertaining tales are filled with humour and action, contain outstanding illustrations and highlight character traits which are highly relatable to children. “I love the book because it presents South African animals that are endangered or at-risk in a way that awakens curiosity and fosters a love for, and protectiveness towards, our wildlife resources.” The Wildest Dog, which is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7, is a collection of six stories. “Reading has been demonstrated to enhance academic success, expand imagination and understanding of the world, foster empathy and support emotional and social health,” Van der Merwe said. The Wildest Dog and other African Tales retails at R220 and can be purchased at book stores nationwide.