Ex-top cop completes parole term

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African News Agency



THE Weekend Argus can reveal that former provincial police commissioner Arno Lamoer has completed his parole term, two years after he was released. Lamoer was approached by Weekend Argus on two occasions for a sitdown interview about his new journey, but chose to not to speak. When asked whether he could confirm that his parole term had come to an end this week, he declined to comment. The Department of Correctional Services, however, confirmed that Lamoer had completed his parole. Sources also revealed that Lamoer was now pursuing a career in consulting. Lamoer was granted parole on May 26, 2020. Lamoer, a former teacher, used his teaching skills behind bars and was allowed to lecture and was apparently kept in a single cell. Lamoer was sentenced to six years behind bars after he was convicted of corruption in 2018. Darius van der Ross and Colin Govender, two former police officers, were sentenced to four years’ imprisonment in the same case. Salim Dawjee, the owner of a towtruck company, was given a six-year sentence. The State proved that Lamoer had written a letter of good standing for Dawjee while being the provincial commissioner and that Dawjee had then given him money to pay for personal expenses.